Tendai Buddhism NAKAIN
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Tendai Buddhism NAKAIN

Nakain was founded in 830 A.D. by grand Buddhist priest Ennin. This temple spread religious teachings of esoteric Buddhism of Tendai sect, and controlled Tendai sect more than 580 temple all of Kanto, and prospered very much. This temple moved to the current ground to worship Shogun Ieyasu of Tokugawa government in Toushouguu in 1639, and rebuilt the main hall of a Buddhist temple afterwards. In 1976, the Tendai sect religious affairs agency gave a title of special temple for the history and beauty set of temple area to include formality of this temple.

Nakain is the temple that nature and religious teachings of Buddha fused beautifully. A garden of a temple changes the shape by the four seasons, and pleases the scene to people visiting this place. A person loses a word to describe it in beauty of a cherry blooming in spring in particular.

This temple is conveyed with the birthplace of Kawagoe tea and Sayama tea. When Ennin erected this temple, he carried a seedling of tea from Kyoto, and it was an opening that he cultivated it as medical use in a boundary.

There is a grave associated with great writer Touson Shimazaki in a graveyard, and he visited this temple well. Tea-ceremony room "Fusentei" which he gave to a mother-in-law was rebuilt here in 1992. And it is preserved as cultural assets of Kawagoe for a long time. In the front of "Fusentei", a monument by the handwriting of Touson stands still calmly.

I hope you can feel the history that Buddhism and nature melted at this place, and splendid time can be spent.